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Management Information Systems


The Department of Management Information Systems was established as an integral part within the Department of Computer and Information Technology at the Faculty of Science and Arts in Al-kamil province in the academic year 1430/1431. Then the Higher Education Council issued decision No. 27/66/1432 in 1432 for restructuring Al-kamil College of Science and Arts into three separate faculties, one of them is the faculty of Business. The faculty consist seven departments; the Department of Management Information Systems, Human Resources Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management of Health Services & Hospitals and the Department of Law. A royal order No.54727was issued on18.11.1432 for its approval. This specialization was introduced to keep pace with modern development related to information technology, and other modern scientific disciplines, that emerged from these developments in the developed countries. It  responses to huge  requests and demands  in various countries around the world, and their increasing interest in studying areas related to information technology which  has attracted the attention of students and the Saudi society for this  importance in order to meet the market requirements.

The Department of Management Information Systems seeks to provide pioneering and distinctive programs in Al-Kamil governorate in the Kingdom through attracting distinguished professors. It is also expected to graduate students over the coming years in Management Information Systems to serve the local community and increase Saudi manpower equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to achieve sustainable development.

The department also seeks to promote  the level of scientific research and teaching with the needs of the local and regional environments, as well as  spreading out  knowledge and promoting  research collaboration with local , regional  and international institutions  .The department intends  to work on a  number of projects including: parallel processing lab, multimedia lab project, parallel processing center project, and the project” multimedia convergence" as one of the projects of the European Community (Tempus) and so on .The department also seeks to focus on the needs of the National Commission for the adoptions of international accreditation body ABET related to  management  information system and  its outputs and other accreditation.



Department’s Vision

The department seeks to become a leading and pioneering department introducing research and consultative programs in management information systems at the local and regional level.

Department’s Mission

The department represents an Academic board specialized in introducing high quality seminars, research and consultancy in management information system.

Department’s Objectives

After obtaining bachelor's degree in management information systems the graduates will have ample conceptual clarity, technical skills, communication skills, cooperation and coordination which enable them to:

·        Applying modern tools and techniques in a practical and productive way while performing their functions.

·        Analyzing, designing, constructing, and implementing knowledge in management information system that can be used to support the operational, administrative activities and strategies of the institutions.

·        Analyzing, designing, and processing information, which is the basic foundation for most of the management information system.

·        Planning, coordinating and monitoring projects to develop management information system.

·        Supporting managers of information systems in the field of database management and information systems development and project management.

·        Designing e-commerce sites.

·        Studying and evaluating current procedures related to business administration manually and automatically and identify opportunities for re-engineering.


The Linkage of the Department with the Objectives and Missions of the College:

Al-Kamil Faculty of Business aims at introducing management information systems as an academic program to link the administrative aspects with the technical aspects. It is established to provide business environments with technical tools through consistent managerial systems to integrate between environmental management and technical environment. It seeks to employ technology to enable the department to achieve the objectives of productivity and facilitate various administrative functions to reduce the cost and contributes to the speed of achievement and quality of operations.
 Management information systems also contributes in the field of research concerned with the problems of society and economic management at different stages such as: gathering information, analyzing or publishing and circulating them, which is linked to the goal of the college in developing environments of scientific research and providing scientific advice and field studies for different components of the society in areas related to the specialization of the college.


  Department Admission Requirements (General Conditions):

1.     The Department conditions match general conditions in the college.

2.     The cumulative average should not be less than 3 out of 5.

3.     Obtaining Good in English Language, Mathematics and Computer courses in the first year for scientific track only.

4.     Obtaining Good in the principles of management information systems course during the second year.

5.     Students are selected based on their grades obtained in the first year and according to the number of seats available in department.



Graduation Requirements:

Students must pass 128 credit hours distributed as follows:
1- 26 credit hours of  University requirements.
2- 36 credit hours of college requirements.
3- 51 credit hours of compulsory courses.
4- 9 credit hours of optional courses.
5. 6 credit hours for free courses (from inside and outside the college).



Graduates Employment Opportunities:

Graduate areas of work are many, varied and characterized by growth and continuing needs for the labor market for example:
1. Management and development of business systems based on technology              (Business Managers and Developers).
2. Analysis and designing of network management systems business (Network Management Analysts and Designers).
3. Analysis, designing and database management (Management Analysts and Designers).
4. Management of technical projects (Technical projects Managers).
5. Management of information centers (Information Centers Mangers).
6. Operation of information systems (Information Systems operators).
7. Maintenance and development of information systems (Maintenance and Information System Mangers).
8. Testing and reviewing of information systems (Information System Mangers).
9. Quality Systems in Information Systems
(Quality System Managers).



Code and Numbering System:

Keys to course numbers and department codes:

1.     Each department is referred to by a code of a minimum of two and maximum of 4 letters (no numbers)

2.     The hundreds digit refers to the Academic year

3.     Tens digit denotes specialties within the department.

4.     Unities denotes subject serial number.


Key of tenth digits in Health Services Management and Hospitals Department Courses


Tens Digit

Delicate Specialty


Principles  of Management Information Systems


Electronic Management


Electronic Business


Advanced  topics in management Information Systems


Summer  training


Graduation project


study plan: 

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