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Human Resources Management


The Department of Human Resource Management was established in the College of Business in Al-kamil province in the academic year 1434/1435 in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in Business Administration & Human Resources Management and the modern scientific disciplines that emerged from these developments in the developed countries. It aims to meet the request and huge demand in various countries of the world and their interest in studying science related to business management, which has attracted the attention of students and the Saudi society to study this important scientific field in response to the market needs and requirements.


The Department seeks to provide the Kingdom and the region in general with outstanding leaders through attracting distinguished professors. The department is also keen to graduate distinguished students to serve the community and to increase Saudi manpower equipped with science, knowledge and skills necessary to achieve sustainable development.


The Department aims at developing teaching –based research projects, spreading knowledge, and strengthening academic relations with local, regional and international institutions. Furthermore, the department seeks to concentrates on the needs of the National Commission for the adoption of the international accreditation by offering diverse academic courses at the level of the first university degree, where these courses combine both excellency and modernity in response to the needs of the local community, the labor market and administrative work.


Department’s Vision:

The department aims at having a prominent role in providing academic, research and consultative programs in Human Resource Management, as well as with regard to Business Administration at the local, regional and international levels.


Department’s Mission:

The Department of Human Resource Management is an academic entity which seeks to present high profile academic, research and consultative programs to meet the demands of the market at the local, regional and global levels.


Department’s Objectives:

The Human Recourses Department aims at:


·        Contributing effectively to serve the community through the provision of consultation concerned with solving the problems of the human resources of a local nature.

·        Getting access to regional and global markets through competent and skilled students.

·        Continuous updating of the content of academic and research programs to keep up with latest knowledge in the field along with the needs of the society.

·        Equipping students with the basic skills required in applying modern theories of Human Resource Management in work environments.

·        Providing graduate studies and research in the areas of business administration and human resources management.

·        Increasing career opportunities for graduates of the program by raising their competence in certain areas.

·        Adopting policies of academic quality and accreditation.

The Linkage of the Department with the Objectives and Mission of the College:


The Faculty of Business in Al Kamil aims to equip students with the basic knowledge in disciplines such as Management Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Management of Health Services, Hospitals and Law. It concentrates on quality through modern and advanced curriculum based on scientific theories, authentic and practical applications in Saudi Arabia. It seeks to meet the needs of the Kingdom in various fields. The department of   human resource management is considered as a forefront of these disciplines in the present day, which was focused on by most of the business schools in the developed countries.


This specialization offers appropriate business environment tools to deal with the human element. It contributes to research based areas concerned with the problems of society through all stages of gathering information from sources, analyzing, publishing and circulating results which is the ultimate goal of the college in developing environments for scientific research. It also contributes to provide scientific advice and field studies for the society in relevant areas with college specialization.




Department‘s Admission Requirements:


·        The Department conditions match general conditions in the college.

·         Passing the courses at the preparatory year of the two-specializations literary or scientific.

·        Obtaining minimum grades in Arabic and English language, communication skills, thinking skills and scientific research for the first year of both literary and scientific sections.

Graduation Requirements:

Students of Human Recourses Management Department must successfully complete 128 credit hours as follows:

1- 26 credit hours for university requirement
2. 36 credit hours for college requirements

3- 51credit hours of the compulsory courses in the department.
4- 9 credit hours of optional courses.
5- 5 credit hours of free university requirements (from inside and outside the college).


Graduations’ Employment Opportunities:

The professions that can be occupied by a graduate of Human Resource Management are as follows:


1.     HR Supervisor

2.     HR Director

3.     Jobs Analyst

4.     Recruitment and Selection Employee

5.     Training Manager

6.     Director of Benefits and Compensation

7.     Training Coordinator

8.     Training Programs Designer


Codes and Numbering System

 The code (BHR) refers to Human Resource Management in English language.

·      Hundreds digit denotes the academic year.

·     Tens digit denotes specialties within the department.

·     Unities denotes subject serial number.

Key of tens digits in HR Management

Tens Digit

Delicate Specialty


Human Resource Management


Human Resource Development


Modern Attitude in Human Resource


Summer Training


  Graduation Project

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