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Health Services Management and Hospitals


The Department of Health Services Management and Hospitals in the College of Business in Al Kamil was established under the orders of Higher Education Council Resolution No. 27/66/1432 in 1432 which approved restructuring of the Al-Kamil College of Arts and Sciences to pace up with the recent developments taking place in the scientific disciplines of modern advancements that emerged in the developed countries. The Ministry of Higher Education obliged starting three more departments under the Faculty of Business Administration in response to requests and demands of the students of the Kingdom studying science-related subjects and business management. The study of this important scientific field is highly demanded to meet the market needs and requirements which is recognized internationally.


There was an urgent need to establish an academic department to develop the "Management of Health Services and Hospitals, which has become a discipline necessary for the improvement of the health sector, especially in Saudi Arabia. A large number of hospitals and other health facilities and businesses related to the management, operation and maintenance and health insurance are related to this field of study to be developed. The Faculty of Management Sciences is eager to establish the department of health services and hospitals to provide an outstanding program in the Kingdom and the region in general, through attracting distinguished professors. Furthermore, the department is keen over the coming years to graduate students in Management of Health Services and Hospitals as one of the fields of Business Administration to serve the community and to increase Saudi manpower equipped with science and knowledge and skills necessary to achieve sustainable development. This specialty "Management of Health Services and Hospitals" has been recognized as one of valuable disciplines known worldwide, especially in developed countries’ such as USA, Canada, Australia and some European countries. It was first designed as a major specialty in 1934 at the University of Chicago, and then at the University of Minnesota to meet the needs of the U.S. health sector, and then began to specialize at universities in New York, Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Harvard and other renowned American universities. There are hundreds of programs and academic departments providing specialization in this area. They are awarding Degrees (BA, MA, and Ph.D.) recognized by the associations and specialized bodies of the management of health services and hospitals, such as:

AUPHA: Association of University Programs and Health Administration.

ACHE: American Colleges of Health Care Executives.

Many countries have realized that the problems and issues of the health sector-related to effectiveness and efficiency and equity are highly related to health management and can be handled through focusing on this discipline and started to pay extra attention to develop the specialty of Health Management and the provision of administrative personnel qualified and trained to deal with issues and problems of this sector.

The proposed department concentrates on  providing  a strong platform for students of Faculty of Business majoring Management of Health Services and Hospitals to prepare them practically, scientifically and linguistically (in English)  to carry out administrative functions for public and private health sector ( in hospitals and health centers, health insurance companies and operators, management and maintenance of health facilities in centers for primary health care and other health organizations )  effectively and efficiently.

Department’s Visions:

The department of Management Health Services and Hospitals seeks to achieve a leading position locally and regionally.

Department’s Mission:

The department seeks to implement educational, researching and consultative programs in Management of Health Services and Hospitals.

Department’s Objectives:

The Management of Health Services and Hospitals Department aims at:


1.      Meeting the needs of the Saudi health sector, both public and private through qualified graduates in Management of Health Services and Hospitals.

2.      Developing health administrative thinking to deal with issues and problems related to the health sector in order to increase the efficiency, justice and quality.

3.      Providing students with the knowledge, intellectual skills and technical resources required for the management and operation of the various health facilities to produce higher level of professionalism.

4.     Increasing the contribution of faculty members and students to improve the health sector in Saudi Arabia, and achieve its objectives at national and regional level.

5.     Preparing   graduates to pursue higher studies in the Management of Health Services and Hospitals to achieve self-sufficiency in the functions of the faculty members in the target field.

6.     Contributing to enhance performance of the staffs in   Management of Health Services and Hospitals through training and educational seminars.

7.      Increasing the percentage of local employees in health services facilities and hospitals.

8.     Developing the research areas in Management of Health Services and Hospitals.


The Linkage of the Department with the Objectives and Missions of the College:

The initiation of Faculty of Business for a separate department to develop the health services in the Kingdom at university level is a great step to meet the needs of the health sector. Health professionals and employees will be available to work in the health sector expecting to provide a substantial contribution to enhance the working capabilities of the health sector in Saudi Arabia.

The significant growth witnessed by the health sector in Saudi Arabia in terms of the number of hospitals, primary health centers, private clinics, health insurance companies, and management, operation and maintenance companies shows the urgent need for competent graduates in health services qualifying for the management and operation of facilities and health organizations efficiently and effectively.

This specialty equips the students with the theoretical knowledge and its application at various fields, especially finance, business, and medical science. It also develops the students’ analytical skills and ability to communicate effectively within the medical sector and promote the use of English language significantly in his field. It also focuses on training in the relevant health organizations. The undergraduate program is designed to achieve the objectives to develop the health sector by providing specialized and competent graduates qualified to meet the needs of the public and private health sector.


Department Admission Requirements (general conditions):

1-The department conditions match general conditions in the college.

2- Students who get very good grades in the courses of English language and communication skills, thinking skills and scientific research in the foundation year will be eligible for admission in this specialty.


Graduation Requirements:

Students must pass the128 credit hours distributed as follows:
1- 26 credit hours of  University requirements.
2- 36 credit hours of college requirements.
3- 51 credit hours of compulsory courses.
4- 9 credit hours of optional courses.
5- 6 credit hours of free university requirements (from inside and outside the college).

Graduates’ Employment Opportunities:

Areas of work  for  graduates are many and varied and characterized by the  growth and the increasing needs for example, health services management, hospital management, management of health information systems, medical records management, human resource management, health Accounting health facilities, materials management, health management, quality assurance, marketing of health services management, health insurance, health financing and management and many opportunities  related to organizations in all public and private health.


Codes and Numbering System:

·      Hundreds digit denotes the academic year.

·     Tens digit denotes specialties within the department.

·     Unities denotes subject serial number.


Key of tenth digits in Health Services Management and Hospitals Department Courses



Tens Digit

Delicate Specialty


Generals Topics


Principles  of  Health Services and Hospitals Management


Health Management


Operations of Health Services and Hospitals


Ethics of Health Professions


Quality of Health Care


Assessment and Health Care Reform


Advanced Topics in Health Care Services


Summer Training


Graduation Project


study plan: 

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