Alkamil College of Business

Faculty’s Objectives

Faculty’s Objectives:

1-           Developing students’ scientific, and  practical  potentials 

2-           Preparing qualified local graduates meeting the needs of community through linking the theoretical concepts with application aspects.

3-           Shaping students’ character and developing their abilities and skills through students’ clubs and training courses.

4-           Improving curriculums to cope with the needs of society.

5-           Enriching, supporting and encouraging scientific research in the field of administration science.

6-           Establishing and strengthening  collaboration  with national, regional and international universities

7-           Collaborating with various sectors in the society by providing consultancy and training courses. 

8-           Developing communication, technical, linguistic and research   skills.

9-            Shaping students’ knowledge and creativity.

10-      Preparing student for labor market by initiating and activating new relevant areas of study.

11-      Linking the study plan with the labor market and engaging various parts of the community in collaborative learning.

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