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The Department of Finance was established in response to the decision of the Council of Higher Education No. 27/66/1432 in the year 1432 for restructuring the College of Science &Arts  in Alkamil , into three colleges, one is the Faculty of business. It includes seven scientific departments: The Department of Management Information Systems, The Department of Human Resources Management, The Department Accounting, The Department of Finance, The department of Marketing, the Department of Health Administration, and the Department of Law. The royal order was issued on18.11.1432 No. 54727 for approval.The programs are offered within the faculty are regarded as the most important disciplines required in the labor market, both in the Kingdom and worldwide. Finance is considered as the lifeblood of the business sector at all levels for small, medium-sized and large enterprises. It is simply known as money management due to business expansion and projects that are being implemented, and the acceleration demand of specialized personnel in the financial field in recent years to support national development plans and to deal with the rapid economic changes. The graduates of finance will have the ability to absorb and use modern ideas in the application of modern quantitative methods. The department graduates will be able to improve and develop the required skills needed to make investment decisions, and to identify ways of financing and the use of modern information technology.

Department’s Vision:

Enhancing the learning environment and setting up high academic standards to achieve a prominent position among the finance departments in universities.

Department’s Mission:

The department of Finance seeks to create a dynamic environment of academic excellence through the provision of high quality programs and services, and to support research, education and public mission of the university. It also aims to provide innovative solutions to the public and private sectors and contribute to the development of the local community.

Department’s Objectives:

The Department aims at achieving the following objectives:

1.   Shaping students’ characters, their scientific, practical and research abilities in a scientific manner.

2.   Delivery and construction of modern knowledge related to the specialization of finance scientifically and practically in terms of the methods of analysis and conclusion.

3.   Contributing to meet the needs of the Saudi labor market in the field of finance.

4.   Focusing on the practical aspects of finance.

The Linkage of the Department with the Objectives and Mission of the College:

Al-Kamil Faculty of Business at King Abdul Aziz University aims to qualify students enrolled with basic knowledge in many disciplines with a focus on quality through modern and developed curricula based on authentic scientific theories and practical applications related to the environment. It also seeks to supply the Kingdom of its needs of specialists in different fields. The department of Finance is at the forefront in the present time, where it has attracted the focus most business colleges in developed countries. The department of Finance was established to

Keep up with recent developments in curriculum and the urgent need to link the administrative aspects with the financial aspects. The department of Finance aims   to provide the business establishments with financial tools through consistent administrative system to achieve integration between management, financial and investment environments, and it enables the Department to achieve its objectives.

It also contributes to the research field concerning with the problems of society at different stages of gathering information from sources, analyzing, publishing and circulating to take advantage of them, which is in accordance with the goal of the college to develop scientific research environments and contribute to the provision of scientific advice and field studies of society in the relevant areas.

Department’s Admission Requirements (general conditions):

1.     Follow the procedures adopted in the faculty for admissions and distribution of students on scientific departments.

2.      Obtaining good grades in English language and computer courses for the first year for scientific track only.

3.     Students are selected based on grades obtained in the first year and the possibilities of acceptance in the department in terms of the number of students.

4.     Passing personal interview.


Graduation’s Requirements:

 Student at the Department of Finance must pass 128 credit hours distributed as follows:

1.     26 Credit hours of University Requirement.

2.     36 Credit hours of college requirements.

3.     51 Credit hours of compulsory courses.

4.     9 credit hours of optional courses.

5.     6 credit hours of free university requirements   (from outside and inside the college).


Graduations’ Employment Opportunities:

1.      Finance administration in public and private institutions.

2.     Commercial banks, Islamic banks, specialized banks, investment banks and central Bank.

3.     Finance departments.

4.     Financial Advisors.

5.     Financial markets.

6.     Ministries (Finance, Planning, Economy ...).

7.     Self-employment sector finance securities.

8.     Private financial institutions.

9.     Finance administration.

10.  Director of small projects.

11.  Researcher and specialist in finance.


Code and numbering system:

The code (BFIN) refers to Finance in English language

1.     Hundreds digit denotes the academic year.

2.     Tens digit denotes specialties within the department.

3.     Unities denotes subject serial number.


Connotations scores (Tens) in the study plan of finance department.


Tens Figures

Topic Area


General Topics


Financial Supporting Topics


Financial Management Topics


Finance Topics


Summer  Training


Graduation Project 


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